A Message from Andrew

Andrew Skinner December 30, 2019 News, SCI, Sponsorship

A Message from Andrew

Please take a moment to read this important message from my heart to yours.

2020 is just a couple days away. A whole new decade lies ahead of you. A decade of promise, filled with unexpected experiences and victories that will transform you for the better. A brand new decade to pursue and achieve your dreams.

For some, however, this is the decade in which they will experience a catastrophic injury.

Give by December 31 to receive a 2019 tax deduction

Remember Y2K? At the beginning of the new millennium, I had no idea the 2000s would be the decade I would suffer a paralyzing accident. I was profoundly unprepared to lose the use of my hands and legs.

With no context or experience with spinal cord injury, the feeling of despair and helplessness was overwhelming. My parents, my girlfriend, and my friends didn’t know what to do either. We felt we had nowhere to turn for help.

This is the darkest hour for a newly-paralyzed person.

But it was in this dark moment that I found a spark of hope. I learned about crucial resources, support groups, and organizations who're doing their best to help people like me. It took hard work and diligence, but in the end, I discovered the answers I needed. And I wanted to help others.

For those of you who have lived this experience, you know exactly what it’s like. Whether your injury occurred decades ago, or if you’re just now beginning your recovery journey, we share a kinship, a connection like no other.

For those of you who know and love a person with a spinal cord injury or disorder, you too carry a heavy burden. As the “silently disabled,” you are also "living with disability" and deserve the support of our community.

For those of you who see the need, who love the Triumph Family and want to help, YOU have a unique opportunity to be part of a community like no other, and offer hope when it's needed most.

That's why I'm writing to you today.

The end of the year, when everyone is making their last minute, tax-deductible gifts before midnight on New Year's Eve, is when the majority of our funding comes in.

We can't move confidently into 2020 and invest as heavily in our crucial programs without your year-end giving.

Will you please give to Triumph Foundation today?

Will you consider giving a larger than normal gift to propel us into the next decade?

A whole new decade is upon us. I hope you'll join the Triumph Family as we ride into the "Roaring 20s" together.

With outrageous gratitude for your support,

Andrew Skinner, President
Triumph Foundation

P.S: We are here for you. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us

P.P.S: The deadline to receive a 2019 tax-deduction is 11:59 PM on New Year's Eve. Please make a gift today. Thank you!

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