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Sports are important to me. They bring a sense of adventure, self-confidence, and freedom.

My biggest fear after someone gets injured is they live a life of sedentary, not realizing their full potential. After my injury, it was a major turning point when I rediscovered the athlete inside of me.

I know how beneficial it was for me to get out of the house and play, and that's why Triumph Foundation is dedicated to holding activities that are for everyone - disabled and abled alike - to participate and enjoy pushing the limits of their ability.

This newsletter highlights our Adaptive Recreation Program, showing off all the fun activities we've been up to.

Why? Because they're important life-changing days for all who join us, and your support makes it happen.

And I want make sure you attend our biggest event of the year, our Wheelchair Sports Festival. It's coming up fast!!

Make sure you mark your calendar for April 27 & 28.

You don't want to miss this action packed weekend with more than a dozen activities, including rugby, scuba, cycling, yoga, and basketball!

You know the best part? It's all FREE & all INCLUSIVE. #NoExcuses

There's nothing else like it. It's sure to be the highlight of your year!


Our ValleyGo! Adaptive Sports Program is making waves!

In addition to our monthly handcycling clinics, we started kayaking too!

Located at Castaic Lake, and in partnership with Cal State Northridge, we've already had more than 40 participants at these awesome events.

And you can join us! We have more ValleyGo! clinics coming up soon.

Check out our Events Calendar

For ValleyGo! pictures, click here.

Watch the video below to see all the fun!

Snow Skiing

Do you know the best part about all the rain we've had this year?

The mountains of Big Bear are a winter wonderland!

Triumph took 20 skiers to United States Adapted Recreation Center to enjoy the beautiful snow!

Everyone had a blast learning how to ski the slopes from their expert instructors.

For more pictures click here

Carriage Driving

Ever thought of racing horses? Neither had we until we partnered with United States Driving for Disabled to hold Adapted Horse & Carriage Driving clinics.

World Champion Driver Diane Kastama and her team brought three specialized carriages made for wheelchair users, and horses Rupert, Joy, and Freckles to teach us about the sport of driving, rein handling, and how to race!

We all got the chance take the reins to drive the carriages through an obstacle course. It was life-changing for several participants who've always loved equestrian sports, and thought it was lost after injury. They rediscovered their passion at this event!

For more pictures click here

Youth Education

One of Triumph Foundation's passions is to educate kids about people living with disabilities, inclusiveness, and dealing with life challenges.

We find that sports are a great way to this.

We put on quad rugby clinics at schools and youth programs to open children's eyes to what someone in a wheelchair experiences.

We recently visited Sequoia Middle School for their Abilities Awareness Week and had our coaches teach the kids some important lessons.

More than 50 students participated. It's always fun to watch them try to push a wheelchair for the first time not quite knowing what they're doing; then they start playing and feel like they're rock stars; and by the end, they're arms are ready to fall off from the upperbody workout.

They'll never look at a wheelchair user the same way again.

Learn more about our Youth Education Program

Wheelchair Sports Festival

Our 8th Annual Wheelchair Sports Festival is on April 27th & 28th at the Santa Clarita Sports Complex.

Featuring wheelchair hockey, basketball, quad rugby, scuba, handcycling, WCMX, baseball, racquetball, pickleball, boccia, tennis, lacrosse, & wheelchair rodeo obstacle course race. (WOW, that's a lot!)

You can try it ALL at this FREE event that has something for everyone.

Even if you're not a jock, we'll have a creative art workshop, yoga, dance, music, resource fair and more. This is the place to discover yourself and your passions.

We'll be introducing athletics to people that are newly injured, children, Veterans, and the whole community. You've gotta join us!

Watch the video below to see all the fun!

We have been busy, and have so much more coming up!

I hope to see you at our next event. You'll get to experience this joy in person, all you need to do is sign-up and show-up. We got YOU! #NoExcuses

Your support of Triumph Foundation changes lives.

We are so thankful for you!

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