The Comeback – Tom’s Story

Andrew Skinner April 27, 2021 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Videos, YouTube

A Comeback Story with Wheels

2021 is a year of comebacks and you are no exception! We're celebrating the great comebacks of Triumph family members like you. Meet Tom Finch...

Tom was in a motorcycle accident and suffered T12 spinal cord injury. His family and friends rallied around him early on. This helped him push through the obstacles to recover and reinvent himself. He saw how important it was to be surrounded by a community of people who were committed to helping him in his "comeback," so he committed himself to helping others make theirs.

“The grant makes it possible for me to build more dreams for more people!”
Tom Finch

Tom is a welder and fabricator by trade. Much of his previous work was for the entertainment and theme park industries If you have a favorite ride at Disneyland, he may have had a part in bringing that dream to life.

With his new-found understanding of wheelchairs and the needs of people like himself, he began customizing wheelchairs that fit people better and help them achieve their dreams. Tom lives in Tehachapi and does his work under an outdoor awning that's wide open to some of California's most extreme temperatures - icy cold or blazing heat.

So to help Tom achieve his small-business dreams of building and repairing custom wheelchairs, Triumph approved him for our Employment Achievement Award. The award enabled him to enclose his shop from the elements, purchase new equipment, and upgrade the infrastructure needed to serve more of his customers through his company Finch Adaptive Fabrications.

Triumph's Employment Achievement Award is part of our vocation initiative to help many in the SCI community who face challenges in securing stable employment. We assist them through the practical and emotional process of returning to work through peer mentoring and counseling.

Applications for the Employment Achievement Award are currently being accepted. It provides funds to assist with efforts to return to work or gain employment advancement. Apply today.

Employment Assistance is the fourth segment of Triumph's Circle of Care.

"As the world attempts a comeback from the chaos of 2020, let each one of us pursue our own personal comebacks."

- Andrew Skinner

Will you help people like Tom make a comeback this year?

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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