Down but not out, Tyler “keeps moving forward”

Andrew Skinner October 4, 2022 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Videos

"Life will only get better & better from here on out."

Some people waste no time going after what they want. For Tyler, this meant engaging with Triumph as soon after his injury as he could.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon in March at the motocross track in San Gabriel Valley when Tyler was injured. One wrong move sent him sailing and he broke his T7 vertebrae. In the moment he realized he couldn't feel his legs, he thought to himself, "Wow, this is going to be quite a different lifestyle."

It's not uncommon to hear stories like Tyler's, where an active and adventurous person's lifestyle gets completely upended. And the result is too often a tragic bout of depression and self-doubt that could drain years of potential recovery in a person who previously felt they could do anything.

We met Tyler at Casa Colina on the first week we were allowed to make in-person visits again. This was a tremendous encouragement to Tyler and his family as they were on the lookout for someone who had been there & done that and could offer a direction forward.

"Things turned really positive for my parents and me once we got to talk with Andrew and Dean and a few other of the Triumph leaders," said Tyler.

One of the major limitations he had was his insurance gave him a heavy clunker wheelchair. Triumph made sure he had a lightweight wheelchair that he could maneuver easily. "This chair is just going to make my life so much easier. I can whip this thing around, it's so narrow and nimble. It's just great."

Tyler shocked us when he showed up at our Wheelchair Sports Festival in April, less than 48 hours from when he was discharged from the hospital. It's this kind of determination and drive that will help him take charge of his life and health as he continues to keep moving forward.

Watch Tyler's story below:

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"The one thing you can't do is stay put. You must set goals, stay consistent and keep moving forward."
- Andrew Skinner

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