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Andrew Skinner November 9, 2021 News, Triumph Outreach Update, Upcoming Events, Videos

Edwards Air Force Base

Triumph visited Edwards Air Force Base to host a wheelchair sports clinic for the soldiers. They played murderball with our team of Ambassadors, and we even got the Colonel of the base to play!

The purpose of our visit was to raise their consciousness of people with disabilities and showcase our capabilities for Disability Employment Awareness Month.

After our rugby clinic, they gave us a tour of the base to see the F-16, and F-35’s flying.

It was an honor and privilege to visit and be of service to the men and women that serve in our military.

P.S. to celebrate Veterans Day, join us at our Adaptive Sports Festival on Saturday, November 20th where we'll celebrate the heroes who served in the military, and the entire community can play games together enjoying our independence!

A Veterans Weekend Tradition!

Even though our Adaptive Sports Festival is one week later than usual, we are still celebrating Veterans Day!

Join us at Triumph’s 3rd annual Adaptive Sports Festival at Brookside Park in Pasadena, CA on November 20th. This is a FREE, all-inclusive, multi-sport event that introduces adaptive sports to the community!

We will have all the equipment for people to use, plus coaches and instructors to teach you how to play the games. Just register and show up ready to have fun!


Past Veterans Outreach Stories

Read Edwards Air Force Base's news story and watch the video showcasing our clinic for the soldiers.

Special Place in our Hearts for Vets

Of all the people that we serve, we really have a special place in our hearts for the men and women that serve in our military.

If you're a Veteran that needs help, we are here for you.

Thank you

All of our outreach is only possible because of the generosity of people like you.

Will you give to help Triumph Foundation serve Veterans?

I can’t thank you enough for your trust in our mission.

If you or someone you know needs our help, please contact us.

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