What it’s all about

Andrew Skinner July 21, 2018 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Sponsorship, Triumph Outreach Update, Upcoming Events

What it's all about

Only one week before our Let'em Roll Fundraiser on July 28th!

It is going to be AWESOME - dinner, dancing, casino games - the #BestPartyoftheYear.

But I wanted to remind you what it's all about.

It's about helping the newly injured

In San Diego we met Ehrren who suffered a C3-5 spinal cord injury working security at a night club. There was rowdy patron becoming a danger to the public that needed to be forcefully removed. In trying to subdue him, they both fell to the ground causing a traumatic injury to Ehrren's spinal cord.

He is receiving great care at Sharp Rehabilitation where he is speaking, breathing on his own, and moving all of his extremities. He is on his way to making an amazing recovery. We gave him a Care Backpack and shared with him some resources he will be eligible for as a military veteran.

It's about gifting independence

We met Eron at California Rehabilitation Institute in Los Angeles. Last year at a music festival, he was climbing and fell 40 feet straight back. He sustained numerous injuries, including a T12 spinal cord injury. He was there for 10 hours before getting airlifted to a hospital, waking up the next day he knew his life would never be the same again.

Once Eron was ready to start driving, our Keep Moving Forward Grant helped him get hand controls installed in his vehicle.

It's about wellness

Triumph Foundation gets people out of the house to push the limits of their ability, improve their health, and enhance their quality of life through sports and adventures.

Recently we've held our monthly handcycling clinics, a special wheelchair rugby day, and hit the ice for curling.

Watch the video below and listen to one of our raving fans!

It's about the spouses too

Triumph Foundation held it's 5th annual Women's Retreat for wives, girlfriends, and partners of men with SCI. This year they went to Palm Springs and spent the weekend socializing and discussing issues of having a significant other and companion who is paralyzed.

Spinal cord injury doesn't just affect the person who is injured, it also affects their loved ones and people around them. It's nice to treat these wonderful women to a weekend of fun, fellowship, and relaxation.

It's about celebrating

What are you doing next Saturday?

I hope your answer is "playing casino games all night at Triumph's Let'em Roll Fundraiser!"

Don’t miss this exciting our event, it provides support for our programs all year long.

It's about being part of something meaning

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support.

If you or someone you know needs our help, please contact us!

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