Wheelchair Sports Take Off

Andrew Skinner April 12, 2022 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Sponsorship, Upcoming Events, YouTube

"They say 'it never gets easier, you just get better.' So, let's get out there, face the challenge
and get better!"

As Springtime breaks through, the urge to get outside and move is powerful.

At the end of this month, Triumph's Wheelchair Sports Festival GOES OFF!! We expect over a thousand people to join us for more than a dozen sporting activities designed to get you moving. (More info below.)

But the sports festival isn't a one-time blip in our calendar year.

We offer sports activities and events all year long. Sports and physical activities are a lifestyle of the Triumph Family.

Watch the video to see highlights from a dozen sporting events we've put on this year already. And we're just getting started!

They say with exercise "it never gets easier. You just get better." We agree 100%!

So, let's get out there, face the challenges, keep moving forward, and work towards our goal to get better every day!

The Wheelchair Sports Festival is back in 2022!!

GET OUT THERE & MOVE at Triumph's Wheelchair Sports Festival on April 30 & May 1, 2022 in Santa Clarita. This FREE all-inclusive event welcomes people of all abilities to experience the excitement of wheelchair sports.

Push the limits of your abilities and make new friends with events like hockey, basketball, quad rugby, racquetball, handcycling, baseball, scuba, tennis and more. There's something for everyone including the "rohan rodeo" (you have to see it to believe it), yoga, art workshop and a resource fair to help you in your every day efforts to keep moving forward!


Want to connect with our community as a Resource Fair Exhibitor? Contact [email protected]

Check out the Triumph Activity Calendar every week as new events are added all the time. It's time for you to keep moving forward!

"The one thing you can't do is stay put. You must set goals, stay consistent and keep moving forward."
- Andrew Skinner

Will you help Triumph keep moving forward?


If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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