When Worlds Collide

Andrew Skinner June 22, 2021 News, Noteworthy, SCI

When Worlds Collide

In 2019, Jason (pictured in the black shirt) was airlifted to Renown Hospital in Reno after breaking 21 ribs and suffering an L1 burst fracture as the result of a snowboarding accident. After receiving emergency treatment, he was moved to St. John’s Hospital for rehabilitation. Once Jason was discharged, still wearing a back brace, he began teaching CPR courses and eventually returned to work as a Recreation and Ocean Safety supervisor, where he manages the Lifeguard programs for Port Hueneme city. While he was in the hospital, Jason spent time with Andrew Greenbaum of the Triumph Foundation, discussing their experiences with spinal injuries. Triumph lent Jason a loner wheelchair as he worked to get one of his own, allowing him a significant level of independence. Triumph has given Jason the support he needed after his injury and allowed him to connect with others who share his daily struggles.

Rob (pictured in blue) crashed his bike in 2015 going around a sharp turn, breaking his collarbone, cracking all ribs, puncturing his left lung and an L1 burst fracture. He had just begun his web design business when he suffered his injury and instead of building his business, he was in the hospital worrying about the future. But a few years later in 2018, Rob was awarded the Triumph Foundation Employment Award, and this was the push he needed to get his business back up and running.

Worlds collided for Jason and Rob when they were brought together through their shared passion for the Triumph Foundation. Soon after meeting, they not only discovered that they live near one another, but that they both attended Pepperdine. The two take their race chairs out for rides together, and their friendship is a reminder that it really is a small world.

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