Wheelchair Loaner

Are you in need of a lightweight wheelchair?

Triumph Foundation operates a wheelchair loan closet.

Our loan closet is a program that allows people to borrow lightweight wheelchairs at no cost once released from the hospital/rehab.

Triumph’s loan closet receives donated equipment from people who no longer need them. The loan closet will then clean/re-furbish the equipment and make it available to another person.

All equipment may be loaned out for a set period of time, or for as long as the person needs it. This program is offered to anyone living throughout Southern California who is dealing with mobility impairments/paralysis.

Because medical equipment is expensive, our loan closet helps people safely transition from the hospital/rehab to home, regain their mobility and independence, and successfully reintegrate into the community.

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If you have a wheelchair to donate, email: [email protected]