Podcast Episode 12: 30 Years Americans with Disability Act, Home Workout, Strides SCI Functional Fitness

Andrew Skinner August 18, 2020 Podcasts

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Andrew Skinner talks 30 years of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Andrew also discusses the Question of the Day: Working out from home. Episode sponsor goes to Strides SCI Functional Fitness

Strides SCI aim to push spinal cord injury and those with paralysis with customized fitness programs. They are determined to help their clients challenge the limits of their recovery and break barriers.


They believe the more you move your body the more your body moves.
Strides is passionate about promoting hope, health, and mobility to those living with a spinal cord injury and paralysis by improving lives through their specialized functional fitness programs. Strides SCI is located in San Juan Capistrano, contact them today for more information on their programs.

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