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Andrew Skinner June 24, 2019 Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

Do you ever wonder why our newsletters are so long?

It's because your support makes such an impact on our community and we have so much to share!

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So this month's outreach update is SPECIAL, because the event is not about the games, it's about the cause.

This is what it's all about:

It's about helping the newly injured

The heart of Triumph is going to hospitals to encourage people who've recently suffered a paralyzing injury. We provide hope when all seems lost.

This year we've already met over 150 people.

Recently, we went to Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center and met with 22 SCI patients to deliver Care Backpacks full of resources.

This is why we exist:

Everyone has a story worth being told, here are two highlights:

Meet Rene. He was fighting with a friend, and as they were wrestling, he was body slammed and tragically broke his C5 vertebrae becoming a quadriplegic. His friends have rallied around him, and we've been there to help too. We gave him a power chair when he was discharged last week to give him some mobility.

Meet Peter. He's from Mexico and was an innocent bystander caught in crossfire, suffering a spinal cord injury. He and his mom came to the United States to get the best possible care at Rancho. He loved the candy and toys inside the Care Backpack, and his mom loved our Spanish Resource Guidebook.

It's about gifting independence

We follow people throughout their entire journey. One of the toughest questions we get asked is where does the money come from for all the things they'll need?

Sometimes simple items will help someone live a more functional, fulfilling, and independent life, but inadequate medical insurance and financial strains keep it out of reach. Triumph helps bridge that gap thru our Grant program.

Read about one of our recent recipients:

Meet Alex. Last year he was injured in car accident and suffered a T4 spinal cord injury. We first met Alex at the beginning of his journey at a skilled nursing facility in San Diego where we gave him a Care Basket. We guided his and his girlfriend's way through our peer support groups, answering questions and offering advice.

Then he came out to one of our handcycling rides and got the thrill of being active again, forgetting about his limits.

It was there we learned he needed help to return home. So our Keep Moving Forward Grant got him some necessary items like a padded commode chair, shower bench, and equipment so he could go home.

Your gifts helped Alex, and many others just like him, to move forward with life providing access, freedom and independence.

It's about wellness

My worst fear is that people with disabilities live a life of sedentary and isolation. So every month Triumph holds free activities for people to get out and play. We restore a sense of life and adventure through our Adaptive Recreation Program.

We believe that exercise is medicine; and movement is improvement. And one of the best ways to stay healthy is through sports and athletics. The benefits go beyond the physical, they transcend and contribute to the mental wellness and self-esteem for injured individuals.

For a list of upcoming activities, check out our Events Calendar.

It's about the families too

Disabilities don't just affect the person who's impaired, they affect their loved ones and all the people around them. Triumph is there to support the spouses, children, moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, friends, and caregivers.

Often they bare much of the burden, and your gifts ensure we're able to meet their needs too.

It's about celebrating

What are you doing on Saturday, July 13th?

I hope your answer is "playing casino games all night with you at Triumph's Let'em Roll Fundraiser!"

Whether you fill a seat, or an entire table with your friends, you'll be treated to great night of dinner, dancing and fun.

Don’t miss this exciting event, it's a celebration of life and ability. And it's our main source of funding to continue this important outreach.

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It's about being part of something meaningful

All of our outreach is only possible because of the generosity of people like you.

Your gifts make all the difference in the lives of some very grateful people. I can’t thank you enough for your trust in our mission. You're part of something meaningful.

Thank you for your support and prayers, it means so much to the people we serve.

I hope to see all of you at our Casino Night.

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