One more reason…

Andrew Skinner July 11, 2019 Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

One more reason

If you’re on the fence about grabbing your tickets for the Let’em Roll Fundraiser this weekend, I want to give you one more reason why.

Three months ago Hugo was riding his Kawasaki motorcycle in Los Angeles and crashed. In the accident, he sustained a T12, L1, L2 incomplete spinal cord injury which left him wondering if his life could ever be the same?

Triumph Ambassadors began building a relationship with Hugo and help him through his recovery. We were able to give him a loaner wheelchair and other resources that are helping him get better every day.

So if you’re looking for one more reason why you should come to the Let’em Roll Fundraiser this Saturday, let Hugo be that reason.

Hugo is one of our honored guests. When you meet him, you’ll see first-hand the incredible results of your support. You’ll see Triumph.

There's only 3 days until our most important event of the year. It's going to be AWESOME - dinner, dancing, casino games - and you'll ensure we can continue being there for people like Hugo.

Meet Hugo

Like countless others, after Hugo's accident he had so many questions, Triumph's Ambassadors and Care Pack had the answers he needed.

He also found out his health insurance did not cover so many critical things he needed. When he was being discharged from the hospital without a proper fitting wheelchair, we had a perfect chair to give him!

Watch the video below thanking YOU!

Celebrate with us THIS Saturday

Be part of something meaningful

I can't wait to see you on Saturday.

On behalf of all the people we serve, THANK YOU for your support.

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