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Your donation of any size is welcome and appreciated - every dollar counts, and the more generously you give, the more generously we can give back!

Need some extra #GivingTuesday inspiration?

Read the stories below and watch the videos to see the impact you're making:

Meet Chelsee Fuerch

Chelsee was fresh out of college in 2019 and launching out on a brand new career path when a major car accident put her plans on hold. Despite her injury, Chelsee is a fighter, determined to regain her independence and return to the path she was on.

For Triumph, his is the year of the Keep Moving Forward grant. We’ve provided help to Chelsee to her van modified so she can get wherever she needs to go safely.

Meet Mike DeYoung

Many of us have encountered the frustration of inaccessible businesses and public places. But how much more frustrating is it when your own home is inaccessible? Mike had at least 5 aggravating barriers to entry into his home.

When he’d finally had enough, Mike reached out to Triumph to request a grant that would help with renovations that would allow him to get in and out more easily. Now, coming home is a pleasure he looks forward to every day... and so does his daughter Grace.

Watch this video below and celebrate with us one of the many Keep Moving Forward grants your donations have made possible this year.

Meet Tyler Schrenk

After his C-4 spinal cord injury left him paralyzed from the neck down, assistive technology gave him control of his care, surroundings, and future. Tyler became so passionate about assistive technologies, he felt a calling to help others understand their options and use technology to improve their lives.

Tyler submitted an Employment Achievement Award request to help him take his assistive technology consulting business up a notch. Today, he's reaching more people with encouragement and insider know-how that makes a huge difference for everyone.

Meet Kenneth Barron

"In the beginning, things were kind of hard for me. But as time goes on, it gets easier and easier."

With those words, Kenneth Barron declared what is essentially the mission of Triumph Foundation for the amazing people we serve. We're here to give people like Kenneth the support they need to face the extremely difficult circumstances they face, and to get better every day!

This has been a record year for Triumph's grant program. We've provided more ramps, wheelchairs, vehicles, and other adaptive solutions than any year since 2008. Celebrate with us by watching this video of Kenneth's heartfelt thanks for the new, safe access into his home.

Equipment Exchange

One of the greatest feelings we get is helping people acquire the equipment they need to be mobile and effective as they live work and play. We do this through our Equipment Exchange program.

Often, the greatest difficulty in returning to life after an injury or diagnosis is the expense of good durable medical equipment. Insurance rarely covers everything we need and the equipment hospitals provide is usually "one-size-fits-nobody" and not made for active recovery.

In this video, you'll meet 3 superstars in the Triumph Family who we were able to help by providing wheelchairs, walkers, hoyer lifts, beds, and handcycles they can use to thrive. That's what the Equipment Exchange program is all about.

Triumph assists a person from the beginning of their injury with our Care Basket Outreach providing mentorship and resources; down the road to recovery getting the necessary goods and services to achieve independence through our Keep Moving Forward Grant program; then assist a person to reemerge into the community by helping them emotionally through our Support Groups; and restore a sense of adventure through our Adaptive Recreation program and purpose through our Employment Award.  Triumph Foundation helps people achieve the best possible outcome after a paralyzing injury.