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Andrew Skinner December 28, 2021 News, Triumph Outreach Update, Videos

In a year of comebacks, we look forward to what comes next.

Taking a quick look in the 2021 rear view mirror, it’s easy to see where we’ve come from and how we’ve grown.

But there were times this year when the frustration, pain and fear could feel overwhelming. You may have had moments in the past 12 months when you thought about giving up.

And yet, even though you’ve faced some scary moments and unbelievably difficult obstacles, you managed to overcome. So as we all celebrate the new year, I want to celebrate your comeback!

As you know, 2021 was a year of comebacks for Triumph and the incredible people we serve. It seemed like a day didn’t go by without hearing the personal stories of those who overcame obstacles and triumphed over some life-altering tragedy.

And in a time like this, when it seems like the whole world is experiencing tragedy after tragedy, it is so important for us to stop – to take a moment and celebrate those incredible comebacks that make each one of our stories worth telling.

I think of people like Albert, who fell in his house at night and broke his neck. After his discharge from the hospital, he found that the narrow doorways in his home made it impossible to get into his room using a hospital-issue wheelchair. Triumph found him an electric wheelchair with a tight turning radius so he can now maneuver anywhere he wishes to go.

Or I remember Octavio, who fell from a bounce house causing a spinal cord injury. After months of physical therapy at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, he regained lots of strength but was given a big heavy wheelchair to go home in. So to help him make his BIG comeback and rejoin the fun, Triumph provided Octavio with a lightweight wheelchair that matches his size and active personality!

It’s comebacks like these that remind me that the struggle is real, but the triumph is too.


Stories like these get us excited about what we do. But when someone makes a comeback from a spinal cord injury, we don’t let them to sit back and take it easy. We encourage them to push themselves to get better every day – to “Keep Moving Forward.”

What does that look like? Our 2022 Goals are simple. We want to visit EVERY newly-injured person in Southern California, welcome new Triumph team members in 2022, and reignite our adaptive recreation events so that the Triumph Family can come together again in pursuit of healthy bodies and healthy relationships! (Save the Date for the triumphant return of the Wheelchair Sports Festival April 30-May 1, 2022!!)

To do this, we truly need your help. Our programs are donor funded and we want to keep them going strong in 2022. When you make a year-end gift to Triumph, you empower our trained Ambassadors to help people when they need it most and strengthen them for lives of impact.

Will you give a one-time gift to help us end 2021 strong? Your gifts make it possible to begin 2022 geared up and prepared to serve the newly-injured patients we know will need us soon.

From the entire Triumph Family, may this new year bring you health, happiness and hope,

Andrew Skinner
Founder, Executive Director

P.S. Please make your tax-deductible gift by December 31, 2021. Your gift today sets the pace for Triumph Foundation's programs in 2022 and beyond! 

Triumph's Circle of Care

2021 was also the year we revealed the full spectrum of our Circle of Care program cycle. Check out this exciting video how we helped people move from tragedy to triumph this year.

"As the world attempts a comeback from a year of setbacks, let each one of us pursue our own incredible comebacks."
- Andrew Skinner

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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