Comunidad inclusiva

Inside everyone is a universal desire to be recognized as valued, respected and welcomed. No matter who you are, you're welcome in our Triumph Family. Triumph has a fundamental belief that people with disabilities should be fully integrated into society.

We aspire to create an Inclusive Community that is safe and welcoming for everybody who joins. Triumph's Inclusive Community is a melting pot of every race, sex, religion, economic class, and ability because all people should be able to participate and engage in a full range of community activities without prejudice or barriers. Our Inclusive Community respects, utilizes, and incorporates the voices of all participants and values them equally.

Triumph's Inclusive Community consists of people with spinal cord injury, neurological disorders, mobility impairments, and anyone living with a disability. Triumph then trains and equips people with these disabilities who have chosen to pay it forward to the recién lesionado and the broader community through peer mentoring, public speaking and community leadership. They are Community Health Advocates that we call "Triumph Ambassadors" and they represent people of all ethnicities, genders, abilities, and perspectives.

Our Inclusive Community also includes families, care providers, and support networks. Often called the "Silently Disabled” due to the majority of restorative attention going toward the person living with a disability, families remain in the background, bearing the physical, emotional, and financial burdens.

In addition, we recruit a widely diverse volunteer base promoting integrated social activities and inclusion for the disabled and able-bodied communities alike. These efforts increase awareness as many people in the community are uninformed of the disabled population and often have little interaction with them. We showcase people living with physical limitations in a way that members of the general population do not often see, building friendships and helping able-bodied people recognize the need for inclusion.

Triumph brings the community together to enable all people to fully embrace their self-worth and increase social interaction across all types of abilities and demographics.

This program represents the completion of the “Círculo de cuidado” and the beginning of care for others.

By joining Triumph, you will help us become one step closer to our goal of making the community inclusive.