Wheelchair Sports Festival Videos

Triumph's Annual Wheelchair Sports Festival is one-of-a-kind that is all inclusive for anyone to participate. Featuring more than ten adaptive sports including wheelchair hockey, basketball, rugby (a.k.a. murderball), racquetball, baseball, hand cycling, SCUBA, curling, track & field, wheelchair skating (WCMX), and a wheelchair rodeo race.  This action-packed Festival draws over 1,200 participants and has something for everybody, disabled and able-bodied alike, everyone can enjoy this fun-filled weekend bringing awareness, inclusion and excitement to the community.

Since 2011, the Wheelchair Sports Festival brings together people of all abilities to take part in a weekend of adaptive sports, games, and activities. Our goal is to introduce wheelchair sports to more people, increase inclusiveness and awareness of people living with disabilities in the community, and to have FUN!

Relive the magic in our videos:









5 Reasons to Sponsor:

  1. Impact: You will have a life changing impact on the lives of children, adults, and Veterans living with disability.
  2. Brand Activation: Your company will be showcased in a wide variety of promotional activities.
  3. Team Building: Your sponsorship gives your employees access to meaningful volunteering opportunities.
  4. Networking: You will connect with other community, business, healthcare, civic, and industry leaders.
  5. Customer Connection: You will build a loyal and devoted customer base that only Triumph can deliver.

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