Employment Achievement Award – Applications Due May 17th

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Employment Achievement Award - Applications Due May 17th

Triumph Foundation's Employment Assistance Program has begun accepting applications for the Employment Achievement Award.

The Award assists people with spinal cord injury to obtain and retain employment. Applicants will receive free consultation, and are eligible for up to $5,000 in investment capital.

The goal is to help people with their vocational efforts to become gainfully employed; maximizing their ability to live independently and reintegrate into the community.

Applications accepted NOW thru May 17th.


-If you had a job before your accident that is waiting for you, how will the funding help? How will the money be used to remove barriers that are preventing your return to the workforce?

-If you are seeking to open a business, what is the basic plan? How soon do you expect to earn income and generate revenue?

-If you are seeking a job, what kind of employment are you looking for? What is your background, education, and expertise?

-If you are currently employed, how will this award help you be more successful?

-How will this award help you reach your goals and accomplish your aim to gainful employment?

Contestant Qualifications:

-Person with a spinal cord injury.

-Supply proof of income and corresponding financial constraint.

-Contestant shall agree and consent to, participate in as well as use their likeness in Triumph Foundation communications and promotions related to the -Employment Achievement Award.

Application Instructions:

Email for an application.

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