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mayo 23, 2022 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Próximos Eventos, Videos
"It's so cool to see how adaptive it is and how everyone can just come together and play." - Isabel Estrada Let's play! One of the signs of a healthy and happy individual is their capacity to to enjoy and participate in play. For people with physical disabilities, play can make all the difference in [...]
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mayo 10, 2022 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Próximos Eventos
Take a look at this great article from The Signal Santa Clarita Valley highlighting our recent Wheelchair Sports Festival! Triumph hosts ninth annual Wheelchair Sports Festival The event was the first WSF event in three years and had dozens of sports available for all at the Santa Clarita Sports Complex. Wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users [...]
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abril 12, 2022 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Patrocinio, Próximos Eventos, Youtube
"They say 'it never gets easier, you just get better.' So, let's get out there, face the challenge and get better!" As Springtime breaks through, the urge to get outside and move is powerful. At the end of this month, Triumph's Wheelchair Sports Festival GOES OFF!! We expect over a thousand people to join us for [...]
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Margarita the author
marzo 22, 2022 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Patrocinio, Próximos Eventos, Youtube
One of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of our work is to see people empowered, not just to help themselves, but to offer service and hope to others. We see this self-sacrificing passion in our Ambassadors, support group leaders and volunteers. And it's what makes the Triumph Family so special. This year we [...]
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marzo 15, 2022 Noticias, Patrocinio, Próximos Eventos
Join us at our Wheelchair Sports Festival! WHEN: Saturday, April 30th AND Sunday, May 1st WHERE: Santa Clarita Sports Complex This FREE, all-inclusive multi-sport event will introduce adaptive sports to the community. Featuring wheelchair hockey, basketball, quad rugby, racquetball, handcycling, golf, scuba, tennis, baseball, art workshop, resource fair, and more!  We'll have equipment for you to use, [...]
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Clarice in car showing the handcontrols
marzo 2, 2022 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Patrocinio, Próximos Eventos
Every journey from tragedy to triumph is unique. But even though the details differ significantly, every new story we hear sounds very familiar in the pain, the struggle, and the fight to regain independence and keep moving forward. For Clarice that story began in 2016 when she fell in a parking garage. She sustained an incomplete spinal cord [...]
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enero 27, 2022 Noticias, Notable, Próximos Eventos
Take a look at this wonderful article below from USTA Southern California featuring our very own Triumph Ambassador Cy Estabrook. Cy Estabrook has a simple and concise message to people who may someday find themselves in the same situation as him following a severe spinal cord injury that led to paralysis after a fall in [...]
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Russ riding a motorcycle fast
enero 24, 2022 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Próximos Eventos, Videos
If 2021 was the "year of comebacks" for the Triumph family, we're convinced that 2022 is the year when each and every one of us will put on our determined faces, forget about what's behind and "Keep Moving Forward!"  There are key moments in every paralysis story when the devastation of a spinal cord injury [...]
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enero 12, 2022 Noticias, Notable, SCI, Próximos Eventos
Happy 2022!  As we begin the new year, there are lots of fun events to look forward to - this is the year to Keep Moving Forward!  Below are some amazing community events coming up in the first quarter. Make sure you check our Events Calendar for updates. There's always more being added! We need volunteers, sign up to get [...]
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noviembre 9, 2021 Noticias, Actualización de Triumph Outreach, Próximos Eventos, Videos
Edwards Air Force Base Triumph visited Edwards Air Force Base to host a wheelchair sports clinic for the soldiers. They played murderball with our team of Ambassadors, and we even got the Colonel of the base to play! The purpose of our visit was to raise their consciousness of people with disabilities and showcase our [...]
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