How we help people come full circle – Newly Injured Support: the cornerstone

Andrew Skinner abril 9, 2020 News, Triumph Outreach Update

When I think about Triumph’s programs - how they fit together to help people to keep moving forward - I can’t help picturing them as a wheel!

This new info-graphic illustrates the way our programs support one another, providing a continuum of care to the people we serve.  It's our “wheel of programs” or “circle of care.”

Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to highlight each one of these programs in our wheelhouse (ha!) so you can see how each one fits with the other, working together to help people come full circle.

Let's get started!

Newly-Injured Support

The first program in Triumph's circle of care, our Newly-Injured Support is the cornerstone of our outreach. All year long, Triumph Ambassadors visit people in hospitals who have just begun their journey to recovery. Our goal is to encourage and equip them for the road ahead.

Last month, we went to Rancho Los Amigos in Downey, CA armed with a carload of care packs and our hearts ready to serve. We visited 15 new inpatients whose lives were dramatically altered by spinal cord injury giving them resource guides, expert advice, and compassion.

Meet some of the people we met:

Marlon suffered a L1 spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident. We met his wife and new baby Aiden, we encouraged them that life is not over following paralysis and he'll still be a great dad.

Victor was at a friends house helping them cut branches from a tree and he fell breaking his neck suffering a central cord injury. His arms are still waking up but he's already standing!

Joel had recently moved to L.A. for a marketing job in the music industry. He was rock climbing when he fell and suffered a T6 spinal cord injury. He's got a positive attitude and is working hard to regain his strength so he can return to his dream job.

Ashley went on vacation with a friend, and at night she fell. She woke up in the morning unable to move. She found out she suffered a C4 SCI. She's already getting a lot of return of function on one side of her body, and has a great mom and support network.

SCI Support Groups

Have you ever felt alone?

In this crowded world you can still feel unconnected. I bet a lot of you can relate during this health crisis and self-isolation.

That's why an important component of our Newly Injured Support Program is running support groups. When people get injured, they're lost, and can feel separated from anyone who understands. The support group gatherings allow them to meet other people who've lived through similar challenges and experiences.

The meetings enable the injured person - and their family - to network, get candid advice and guidance from others.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing efforts, we've revised our tactics to continue making connections with injured people and keep the community connected by holding these support groups on Zoom webconferences.

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Meet Ralph

Ralph's story starts bringing us around the curve on our wheel of programs.

We met Ralph at Long Beach Memorial after he had surgery to remove a dangerous mass on his spine, and although it was successful, unfortunately when he woke up he was paralyzed.

He came to our support group, and we gave him a Care Pack and our peer-mentor Ambassadors did our best to give him hope and answer his questions.

When he was discharged from the hospital he was given a huge heavy wheelchair that he struggled to push, and worst of all, it was too wide to get through many doorways in his house.

But Ralph knew who to call! He contacted Triumph, filled out a loaner request form, and he and his father drove out to our equipment locker to get his new set of wheels. We had a wheelchair that fit just right!

And that gets us started into the second part of our Circle of Care, our Grants & Equipment Program. More stories like this coming soon, but to start watch Ralph’s story below.

I hope you like the direction we're heading to illustrate our love for the community.

I'll be sharing more stories like Marlon, Ashley, and Ralph this month to bring you some joy while we're all on quarantine.

Your ongoing support changes lives. Please give as you are able.

Stay healthy and safe.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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