Keep Moving Forward Grant Recipient – Michael

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Keep Moving Forward Grant Recipient

Triumph’s Keep Moving Forward (KMF) Grant is for people with spinal cord injury that have limited financial capability to help them triumph over obstacles they face and enhance their quality of life.

Triumph’s KMF Grants help individuals get necessary Adaptive Equipment for activities of daily living, make Home Modifications for wheelchair accessibility, enable the Return to Work reintegrating back into the community, and engage in Therapeutic Activities for health and wellness.

In April 2022, Michael's life changed forever when an incident left him with a severe spinal cord injury, resulting in quadriplegia. Courageously facing the challenges of his new reality, Michael has shown remarkable resilience. Despite the minimal movement in his arms, he's determined to improve his mobility and independence. A crucial part of his journey is adapting his living space to his needs. He faced a significant obstacle: his apartment building lacked wheelchair accessibility. To overcome this, Triumph Foundation helped with supply of a portable 6-foot ramp, a simple yet life-altering tool that will grant him the freedom to navigate his home environment more easily.

Additionally, Michael's dedication to recovery and self-improvement is evident in his pursuit of therapy beyond what his insurance covers. He's eager to engage in a center of achievement therapy course, a testament to his commitment to regaining as much function and independence as possible. His occupational therapist has also recommended a bed trapeze bar for home therapy, a vital tool in his daily exercise regimen, designed to strengthen his muscles and enhance mobility.

Michael's story is one of resilience and hope. His journey, though challenging, is a powerful reminder of the human spirit's capacity to adapt and overcome. As he takes these crucial steps towards regaining independence, the support and tools he seeks are not just aids, but beacons of hope on his path to recovery.

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