Norma’s Comeback

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Not every story of spinal cord injury is the result of a catastrophic accident. Many cases occur from medical procedures or disorders that can tragically lead to paralysis. Although there are so many unexpected paths, we continue to be amazed by the incredible comebacks made by brave people like Norma.

"We're there for you - not just in that moment - we're there for you throughout your journey."

Norma Villar worked for a high-end general contractor when she developed an issue in her back. She opted for a surgery to relieve her pain, but something happened during surgery that affected her spinal cord and she became paralyzed. Without the use of her legs, she was devastated. She had so many questions, and so few answers. With nowhere else to go, she began the long journey of emotional, spiritual and physical recovery.

It wasn't easy, but Norma found a community of encouraging, like-minded people at Triumph who truly knew exactly what she was going through. Triumph helped Norma learn to adjust and love her new self, awarded her a grant for drivers training, and even gave her a car to reclaim her independence.

Today, there's a joy and energy that lights up a room every time Norma is around. She has such a compassionate heart for others, and it draws people close.

She uses that secret super power as a Triumph Ambassador, helping others find their way. This is what we call a comeback.

Watch Norma's Comeback:

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- Andrew Skinner

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    I’ve been reached out for somebody to help me get back driving but nobody will ever help rain but keep the good work up with y’all do for other people