Walk and Roll Live Podcast

Andrew Skinner abril 19, 2024 News, Noteworthy, Podcasts, SCI

Walk and Roll Live-Disability Stories

Walk and Roll Live is a podcast dedicated to giving a voice to the disabled community. Life, Limitless. Andrew Skinner recently joined them on their podcast, check it out!

"Join Doug & Eric this week on Walk and Roll Live as we delve into the remarkable journey of Andrew Skinner, the Founder of the Triumph Foundation. Andrew, a survivor of a spinal cord injury, has not only overcome his own challenges but has dedicated his life to empowering others in the mobility-challenged community. Through Triumph Foundation, Andrew and his team provide vital programs and services to individuals facing spinal cord injuries, offering resources, hope, and a lifelong support network. Tune in as we uncover the resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit driving Triumph Foundation's mission to help individuals triumph over obstacles and keep moving forward in their lives."

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