Triumph Family Album – A Visual Yearbook of 2023

Andrew Skinner diciembre 20, 2023 News, Noteworthy, SCI, Triumph Outreach Update

A look back on the moments that made us in 2023.

Ever find yourself scrolling through your camera roll, wondering how you ever took so many pictures? We've been there too. But instead of whining about dwindling storage space, we want to celebrate the treasure trove of snapshots that remind us of the remarkable individuals we've had the privilege to assist in 2023.

As we gear up for a brand new year jam-packed with hospital visits, athletic events and community outreach, we're excited to take a reflective journey through the lens of our camera, capturing the most extraordinary moments of 2023. These photographs showcase our "Circle of Care" which has brought help, hope an triumph for so many families living with paralysis or other disabling conditions.

If you happen to spot a familiar face, don't hesitate to hit reply and tell us why you're excited for 2024.

Psst. By the way, in case you missed it, here's the exciting new video from our Adaptive Sports Festival a few weeks ago. Please share it with others who need a community like Triumph.

Newly Injured Support

Every encounter with a Triumph Ambassador holds immense significance for recently injured patients in hospitals throughout Southern California. In addition to our thoughtfully curated Care Packs brimming with essential resources, we extend a hand of peer mentorship, facilitate support groups, and provide unwavering encouragement for the path that lies ahead. LEARN MORE


Grants Program

Often people with spinal cord injury require a little extra to take that pivotal move forward in their journey. With our Keep Moving Forward grant and Employment Assistant Award, we empower some pretty amazing people by strategically backing their endeavors for enhanced mobility, independence, career progression, and even entrepreneurial ventures. Witnessing someone's future unfold in entirely new dimensions is as gratifying as it can get. LEARN MORE


Equipment Exchange

Unfortunately, for many people we serve, they lack the essential tools they need for mobility, independence and an active lifestyle. The absence of appropriate equipment becomes a hindrance, impeding their abilities and halting progress forward. Operating from our 2,000 sqft. warehouse headquarters, we offer a range of essentials, from refurbished wheelchairs and ramps to commodes and exercise equipment, all provided free of charge to those in need of our assistance. LEARN MORE


Adaptive Recreation

Engaging in physical activity is absolutely essential for both recovery and sustained well-being. That's why we consistently organize adaptive recreation activities and events throughout the year, fostering active lifestyles and connection with a community on the move. Whether it's wheelchair baseball, basketball, rugby, or volleyball, or activities like handcycling, skiing, archery, and SCUBA diving, our diverse sports programs cater to everyone, ensuring a blend of fitness, fun, and camaraderie. LEARN MORE


Inclusive Community

Our goal is to cultivate an Inclusive Community that is not only safe but embraces everyone who joins in. We want all people to fully embrace their self-worth and increase social interaction across all types of abilities and demographics. Through community engagement, volunteer recruitment, networking groups, public speaking sessions, dedicated advocacy for individuals with disabilities, and comprehensive peer-mentor Ambassador training, we persistently forge connections that make a difference today and lay the foundation for a transformative future. LEARN MORE


Why your YEAR END GIVING matters.

As the year draws to a close, your support for Triumph Foundation becomes especially crucial. A significant percentage of our donations occur in the final weeks of the year, driven by your spirit of generosity and the need to contribute before the year ends for tax purposes.

Your year-end gift can make a profound impact on the people we serve, especially the newly-paralyzed, providing essential support and encouragement when they need it most. Your year-end gift is not just a donation; it's an investment in the lives of people living with paralysis and other disabling diagnoses.

Thank you for considering the power of your support during this season of giving. Together, let's help others to keep moving forward!

"The momentum we’ve built serving the paralysis community doesn’t stop. It can’t. It pushes us to achieve new things each and every day, and motivate others toward recovery and restoration."
- Andrew Skinner

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.

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